Environmental Services

Strategic Planning and Sustainable Development

Environmental Services is a systematic and strategic task. Achieving sustainability while performing environmental service is highly important for modern society. One may incur a number of issues and unpredictable weather conditions that may hinder the natural environment and may eventually degrade the overall performance of the whole project.

Marine-based environment consultancy service supports the development of an offshore project. We perform an exhaustive strategic environmental assessment program to assess the potential impacts on the marine environment. After the risk assessment, our team of specialists understand the stakeholder’s interest and based on that we lay focus on Marine environment and formulate an adequate strategy for Ballast water treatment for the protection of marine environment.

To ensure that a project succeeds in a sustainable manner, it is the duty of a manager to carry out the environmental services tasks in a sustainable manner. The manager should ensure that the potentially harmful developments are properly mitigated.

The environmental screening stage includes the consideration of the important environmental impact that a project would impose. This includes a 360-degree evaluation of the project. This is then followed by the planning stage. At the planning stage, how things would be assessed is considered. At the Environmental Report stage, an Environmental Report is developed based on the activities of the firm. Finally, the plan is adopted and monitored to ensure that the things work out properly. We lay down the operations while including our clients in different aspects of the project. This is done to ensure that all the requirements of a client are properly ascertained in an effective manner. We also include the stakeholders to identify their concern and to have their suggestions if required.

First Eco Consultants Environmental Consultancy Services helps you perform the activities in a most sustainable manner. We carry out an extensive array of services that include:

  • Ballast Water Management System
  • Pollution control and remediation
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Environment and social management plan
  • Impact Identification in ports
  • Management of Air Emission
  • Other planning and assessment tasks

We follow a strategic environmental assessment program that helps in determining the impact of an organization’s daily activities on the environment. This ensures that the environmental considerations are taken care of fruitfully. The list of steps that we follow in the strategic plan are as follows:

  1. Screening
  2. Planning
  3. Environmental Report
  4. Adoption
  5. Monitoring

Finally, this results in an energy efficient process. The process reduces the wastage and results in energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions with the inclusion of GREEN principles of our Green Campaign.

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