Press Release on First Eco Consultants

First Eco Consultants – A full fledge service firm based in Nigeria, prides itself to announce sustainable environmental friendly solutions. The company today announced its three flagship services that would provide environmentally friendly services in Nigeria. The services include Environmental Services, Water Quality Services, Waste Management that would cater the business needs of mitigation, assessment, and planning based on the geological location of a business.

“We want to create a Green solution for the local businesses that would allow them to preserve the environment by reducing the wastage. We pride ourselves to offer our Environmental Services to the local business that would ensure their long-term success while catering the health and the safety needs of Nigeria. “, said Ulumma Fiberesima, CEO/Managing Director of the First Eco Consultants.

The company’s Environmental Services include the Initial Environmental Evaluation, Environmental Risk Assessment, Environment and Social Management Plan, followed by Monitoring and Post Decision Making. The service would ascertain the business needs and the stakeholder’s concerns relating to the environment.

The Water Quality Service include the Surface and the Groundwater assessment, Pool treatment programs, ETP Design, and the Waste Treatment Program. The service would ensure the presence of safe hygienic water that would be effective to be deployed for various uses.

The Waste Management Service is designed to ensure the minimal wastage and processing of the wastage in a cost-effective and energy efficient manner. The company primarily deals with Solid waste, Wet Waste, and Bio-Medical waste that is generated in the domestic operations.

“With this, we are a step closer towards our Green initiative and we would be happy to service a wide range of businesses to create a healthy secure environment in Nigeria.”, said Ulumma Fiberesima at the event of the launch of the Green Sustainable Solution.


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