Training Services

Bespoke Environmental management Trainings

To ensure continual improvement of our clients numerous activities and operations, there is the need to initiate the conduct of training, aimed at developing competence, motivating staff to adopt and implement required standards that will help manage its environmental aspects and input control and mitigation measures for identified hazards and risk.

First Eco-Consultants in collaborations with our overseas seasoned and well trained technical partners designs a bespoke environmental related training to satisfy the needs of the industry.

Training Programs include but not limited to the following:

• Ballast water management system
• Water quality monitoring and management
• Air quality monitoring and management
• Port pollution- control and management
• Risk Assessment and impact identification

• Health and safety in work place
• Development and implementation of environmental
• management tools and best practice solutions; and
• On-site compliance monitoring and compliance reporting
• Environmental Awareness and Capacity
• Building/Training

Environmental Consultancy Requests

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